Time Management 101: The Multi-Tasking Myth – TLBL004

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Life has so many amazing experiences to offer us. Between our family’s needs and interests, work, sports, volunteering, and our hobbies, it can be really easy to book too much in.
While the projects, committees, and activities you immerse yourself in may be beneficial to you and others, if you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, it is just too much.
It can feel so overwhelming to find yourself constantly on the go and without a moment to take relax!

Take Control

How do you cut back – and what do you cut back on – when you realize you have gotten caught up in the mouse wheel and need to step on the brakes?

In this episode of the To Love and Be Loved podcast, we discuss some quick and easy tips to help you avoid overwhelm and prioritize your commitments.

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