HLM001 [ A Royal Affair ] How You May Have Contributed to Princess Diana’s Death + How Much Should Celebritites and Wealthy People Give Back

The HappyLittleMomma.com Podcast - Episode 1 [ A Royal Affair ] Kate's Journey from Villain to Heroine, Meghan Can't Win for Losing + Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson, and Diana's Death | Pearl Lane-Soliz | HappyLittleMomma.com | Faith. Family. Fun.

From “Waity Kaity” to the ultimate Meghan Markle war hammer, Catherine “Kate” Middleton’s stiff upper lip has definitely taken her places. Prince Harry and Meghan may do well to step away from some royal duties and is she really a mantis or black widow in disguise? Plus, what do Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson have to do with the Sussexes?

This podcast episode is brought to you by the rabbit hole I fell in after hearing one of my favorite YouTube creators, Shallon Lester – the big sister/therapist I never knew I needed – describe the Duchess of Cambridge as a “plain Jane” and the Duchess of Sussex as a seductress who successfully snagged her victim.

  1. Here it’s 2020 and I did not know a seduction target was called a victim.
  2. Kate is a plain Jane? I’ve always thought of her as classically beautiful.
  3. I’m probably projecting but I respectfully disagree with some of the stuff that’s been said about Meghan.

Please note, I do not know and am not connected to any of these individuals and I have been accused of allowing others to cheat or otherwise walk all over me because I’m “too understanding”. I don’t think empathy is the same as ostriching or even excusing but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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