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The Look of Disability

In conversation, blog posts and social media, you will often hear me say that I don’t like the word “disability”. I believe that no one is perfect and thus, we are all “differently-abled” to some degree.

Sometimes you can’t see someone’s disability. Maybe there’s something hiding in their body, mind or spirit. I’ve heard many people make comments about how someone “doesn’t look disabled” and I’m left wondering what that look should be.

What is the “look” of disability if none of us are perfect to begin with? Why do we say “oh poor dear” and feel sorry for someone that obviously doesn’t feel sorry for themselves nor is embarrassed by their “difference”?

Who are we to judge someone’s appearance and say that their life is less valuable or less of a life? We all have to do the best we can with what we are given.

Science is working to ensure that everyone can live a “normal” life. Prosthetics, surgeries, physical therapy, medication. Yet, society sometimes bashes people for not “looking disabled”.

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  • Alyssa Ast

    I couldn't agree with you more. As a mother to a special needs child, I don't view him as having a disability, but instead a characteristic that makes him a little more unique. Great post!Alyssa

  • Penny (CJsMonnie)

    Thanks, Alyssa! You've always got some great content so it means a lot to read that. =)This is actually one of my touchier subjects, guaranteed to get my goat and it's own blog post. LOL

  • Penny (CJsMonnie)

    Thanks for stopping by, Veronica! I love your Of Mice and Ramen blog and just became a follower. I think we might just have to "borrow" your toboggan idea the next time we're out at Mom's South Texas homestead! =)

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