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Using Artificial DNA To Create New Life

Having Spidey powers sounds like a great thing until you start to think about how he got those powers. A radioactive spider? Where would we get one of those?! Plus, how crazy would it be to know you are being bitten and infected by something even more powerful than the strongest naturally occurring venom on earth?

Not to worry. Science almost has it figured out.


New life engineered with artificial DNA
By Elizabeth Landau, CNN
updated 11:32 AM EDT, Fri May 9, 2014

“Scientists have shown it is possible to alter DNA’s alphabet, encoding genetic information in a new way.”

Is this the stuff of dreams or the beginning of a nightmare? That’s the big question we need to consider here. The Nazis wanted to make a “perfect” race. Supervillains (and some countries) would love to make the “perfect” soldier: ordinary looking yet unfeeling and invincible.

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