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The True Definition of Success

For generations, we’ve been told that success is essentially being a white collar, self-made millionaire. If you can’t do that or would prefer not to do the work yourself, then just marry one.

We’ve taught our children that blue collar dirt is shameful and those who engage in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics or other “grimy” jobs are not as worthy of respect as the “successful” ones.

Yet, it takes all kinds to make this world run.

Take a moment to imagine what would happen if we were all doctors, lawyers and Wall Street types. Who would fix our homes, cars, planes or toilets? We need our blue collar workers as much as we need our white ones!

So now what is the true definition of success?

More often than not, our definitions have to do with our quality of life and not the quantity. The number one answer I hear is … drum roll please … comfortably providing for myself and my family!

  • Taking a five star vacation for two weeks every year.
  • Paying for a dream car in cash.
  • Attending a big sports event without getting our utilities cut off.
  • Modifying my truck without having to worry about how we will afford diapers.

Taken individually and at face value, these answers might seem shallow. Yet, let’s be honest here. How many of us don’t want to enjoy our lives and share that enjoyment with our friends and family?

Once we’ve gotten the initial “woohoo! I can do almost anything I want!” out of our systems, we settle down and start to build on the things that we loved before we had any extra income.

Money just magnifies whatever was already inside of you.

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