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The Highs and Lows of a Mobile Office

How many of us wish we could just “up and go”? Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, CJ and I have a mobile office that gives us the ability to go anywhere, anytime, at the drop of a hat and still get our work done just fine.

My Virtual Assistant stuff, CJ’s K12 homeschool, and his online Club stuff gets taken care of!

The Highs of a Mobile Office

Our entire mobile office consists of the tech and office supplies we stuff in my backpack, a small day bag and a digital camera with video capability!

The Lows of a Mobile Office

Confession: My son and I use 5GB of aircard service in 3 days even when in “conserve” mode. Although we’re seasoned travelers who stopped arguing over the aircard when we upgraded to 10GB mifi card (instead of adding another aircard), we still struggle to adjust to non-DSL/Cable internet powered wifi.

When on aircard power, we cut out any online games, limit our YouTube watching and put a pause on the Netflix usage. We power off the mifi when we’re not actively doing something to prevent us from instantly connecting to the “available network”.

If we’re not in a place where we have access to a TV with either cable or satellite service, we can’t watch Dirty Jobs, MythBusters, Billy The Exterminator or Shark Week episodes as they air. We certainly can’t DVR or TiVO them either.

It’s our personal entertainment that suffers and makes us grouchy!

Yeah, we know it’s kinda shallow but come on. All work and no play makes a person grumpy!

Overall though, it’s awesome to be able to go forth and wrestle the world into submission when the urge arises.

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