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Mother’s Day Wrap Party Wrap-Up

See what we did there? 😉

We’d like to thank everyone who showed up for our first annual “Mother’s Day Wrap Party“.

In case you missed it, you are in luck! The recording has been processed and is ready for sharing. The Handout we referred to can be downloaded or printed from here.


As promised, we’re sharing pictures of CJ’s craft samples but wait! Are you sure you are ready? Okay, okay. We’ll stop teasing!

Here’s the by-the-book version CJ made as a school project. (Can you tell it travels with us?)

Mother's Day Craft - Original

Here’s the version we made for the Wrap Party today. It’s in the “open for viewing” position.

Mother's Day Craft - New

Now you can see it closed. Don’t you think that will store well all nicely folded?

Mother's Day Craft 2011 - Folded

Yep. We made that in about an hour today. We had every intention of making a “perfect” one like before but we just couldn’t stop ourselves from, well, being ourselves.

For craft instructions, links to the material and some bonus ideas, download the Handout. To hear us be our goofy selves and hear about the mods we made to make the new version fold safely for storage, listen to the recording!

Congrats again to Tina from North Carolina who won a 175 piece wrap set straight from our Cello Shop.

We have more events planned so keep an eye on our Calendar or sign up for the CKC Times-Gazette to get weekly updates.

P.S. Do you have a resource suggestion, an idea for a post or tutorial, or want support on your journey? Contact me here.
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