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Language Skills Can Be Fun!

Have you ever wished there was a fun way to practice your language skills? Are you struggling to “master” (remember the meaning or how to use) specific words? Are you tired of flash cards and having to write the same words over and over and over again?

If you are feeling like you are in need of rescue, you just have to check out Word Dynamo!

Getting Started

Signing up for Word Dynamo couldn’t be easier. Email address and password. You’ll fill in your name and group (Teacher, Student, etc.) on the next page.

Once you’ve signed up, your Home page will be customized for you. It will have a list of options, games you’ve already played and games that are recommended for you.


Word Dynamo is loaded with features. You can keep track of your progress, add your own lists and just check out all of your learning choices:

Word Dynamo :: Choose Your Topic

Each category has several lists and you can choose from 5 different types of games to play. You can even choose a different game each time you play, if you want.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention. You aren’t stuck with your first score because you can repeat a list/game as many times as you want!

How We Are Using It

Well, to be honest, Penny has been using Word Dynamo more than everyone else because she’s a word nerd. This is like Pokemon to her. She’s got to catch master them all!

However, CJ has been using it to practice his 4th grade skills and even sneak in some upper-level learning. (It’s easy to do. Just click on a link to the next grade level!)

It’s super simple to keep track of CJ’s progress because, after you sign up, you get a custom home page with your progress and stuff that’s recommended for you.

Word Dynamo :: Keep Track Of Your Progress

You get instant feedback, with green check and highlight for the right answers and a red “x” and highlight for the wrong answers.

You aren’t stuck with “just” their lists either. You can even make your own to help you study pretty much anything you want to learn.

The Downside

We haven’t found a downside yet, so we’ll just use this space to remind you to get your starting Word Score in order to enable the tracking feature on the top of the page.

If we find something to complain about later, we’ll update this section.


At some point, we’ve all have to memorize something. At some point, we’ve all have to remember a word or language skill we mastered before. At some point we might even freak out, thinking about how we wished we were a little better at this language arts thing.

Now we don’t have to worry because there’s an easy, fun and free way to turn into the brainiac of our dreams!

P.S. Do you have a resource suggestion, an idea for a post or tutorial, or want support on your journey? Contact me here.
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