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Easy Screen-Sharing for Education and Meetings

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to explain something to someone and wished they could just see your screen?

Before that frustration happens again, you may want to take a look at “JoinMe: Instant screen sharing. Instant Aha!“.

Getting Started

Getting started with is so easy even a caveman could do it. Since registration isn’t required, all you do is go to their website and click on the orange arrow to share.

It will download a .exe file that you click on to launch the service. Your screen will go dark for just a bit and voila! You are ready to share your screen.

That’s it?

Well, you do have to copy your “room” URL to share with someone and somehow get that link to them but otherwise, yes, that’s it!


Sometimes the free stuff is so watered down that it’s not worth the effort to actually use it. Not with JoinMe.

UPDATE February 8, 2018: JoinMe has a slightly more involved signup process and now defaults to an upgrade trial. You can still access the free version by either letting your trial expire or clicking on the download link at the bottom of their Comparison page.

After trying their service, we signed up for the free trial of the Pro version (which requires registration) because we wanted to see if it really worked like they say it does.

How We Are Using It

JoinMe is powered by the folks at LogMeIn, another service we totally love and highly recommend, so we knew it would be awesome right off the bat.

We just didn’t realize how many ways we could think of using it.

We’re sure there are a lot more ways JoinMe can help make life easier but these are the biggies for us:

  • Homeschool
  • Home Office
  • Training and Support
It’s so much easier now to show someone how to use software, troubleshoot their computer system, brainstorm a project and even teach a class!

The Downside

Nothing is ever perfect right? In this case, we only have two somewhat minor complaints:

  • You can’t limit what part of your screen you share.
    Make sure that you don’t have anything loaded that you don’t want to share because you’ll be sharing your entire desktop. Literally everything you see on your screen, the other person will see too.
  • You can’t record the session.
    This isn’t as much of a big deal to us because we can use our screen-to-video capture software.
UPDATE October 16, 2014: Recording is now a feature of Join.Me Pro and Enterprise plans.


Sometimes life would just be a whole lot easier if you could just show someone what you were doing. Or have them show you what they are doing. Now you can. Quickly, easily, reliably and even free!

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