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{ The Awakening } When Your Heart Just KNOWS

There are times when you can’t explain how, why, when, what – anything! – about something that your heart just knows. Whether you call it women’s intuition or a gut feeling, it’s something you feel so strongly about that it makes you pause.

Your head may know you need to do things a certain way but your heart may say something entirely different.

Maybe …

  • You want to homeschool but everyone around you says that isn’t how things are done, you don’t know how or where to start, and you aren’t totally sure you could do it anyway.
  • You want to spend more time with your kids but you are worried about money or other stressful situations and can’t focus as much as you wish you could.
  • You want to go on more adventures like hiking, camping, or traveling with your kids but you just don’t feel very well.


Your heart is telling you to try, do, be, live! It feels like your soul is not at peace, your stomach could be in knots, maybe you get hungry and then can’t eat what you have because you suddenly feel sick.

Try This!

Get a mentor. You can hire one (like me!), sign up for empowering newsletters, join free groups on Facebook or MeetUp, become a member of a local club that supports your dream, and seek guidance from your preferred spiritual advisor.

You can start a program to improve your mind, body, and soul.

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going!

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Don’t forget to check back regularly for more tips and tricks on how to create the life of your dreams before, during, and after the awakening!

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