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A Camping We Will Go!

Prepping for a birthday camping trip with all the kiddos and my sweet Momma is no small feat. We’re talking about gear, snacks, and supplies for an outdoor and adventure loving 1-year-old, tween, preteen, teen, and three adults (ages withheld ha!).

7 people and yes, that is a three room tent.

This Trip Is Going To Break Our Goal Budget.

The budget annihilation isn’t because my Mom be joining us for the first time ever. It’s because I don’t have any Groupons or discount codes and my husband doesn’t care this time. We’re going anyway! Woohoo!

We had been averaging $100 per weekend getaway including snacks but excluding gas for our family of 6. Right now, we’re at $280 for our stay and one attraction. That isn’t including the hefty investment into new gear for our expanding family.

Please Note: While I would really like the small referral commission, shopping around can save you a lot of money! We found our Chicco for $4.99 at a thrift store and outfitted our entire family for the price of the items listed in the widget above.

It’s An Investment.

Although we are saving up for our own mini-farm and trying to cut costs wherever we can, we still want to enjoy life and show our kids that “money isn’t everything”. Frugality can be a real and enjoyable lifestyle.

That said, we don’t camp because we’re too cheap to stay in hotels. We camp because we love the lifestyle. We camp because we can reuse, recycle, and McGuyver our way through adventure after adventure in the great outdoors.

We can take “our” stuff with us when we go and pack it away when we aren’t using it. Each person has their own pillow, sleeping bag, etc. Everything is packed up in or on our Suburban. It’s comforting, reassuring, and welcoming. Everything we don’t feel in a strange hotel room.

To us, camping gear is more of a mental, emotional, and spiritual investment in ourselves and our kids.

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