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Getting It Just Right

Getting It Just Right - Make A Plan, Map Your Goals
How often do we procrastinate by thinking “I can’t do this right now, it’s not quite right“. Something is missing.

Whether we know what that something is or not, we feel that without that something, it won’t be a perfect or complete work.

Nothing is perfect though. If we wait for something to be “just right”, we might be waiting for a long, long time and never reach our goal.

Make A Plan, Map Your Goals

Wanting to do our best is a great thing and sometimes we do have to wait for something. When it is part of a plan, with recognizable steps, we’ve taken control of that elusive something. We’re getting a degree, publishing an article, starting a business. Whatever it is we want to do.

Without a plan – written or not – we’re bogging ourselves down in wannabe-perfection. Spinning our wheels with goals, dreams and no plan of action.

In every case, a well thought-out action is better than none.

When you find yourself saying “I can’t do this right now, it’s not quite right“, make a plan. Map your goals and take at least one baby step forward every day.

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